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    Wonder Organics is involved with production,extraction and sourcing of bee products from western bee,Apis Melliferra and Indian wild bees like Apis Dorsata.

    We mentain an Apiary with the highest standards of Good Beekeeping Practices.Bee products like Honey,Pollen,Royal Jelly,Propolis,Bee Venom are produced.We also always try to impart the best of the International bee keeping practices to the beekeepers.

    We also work with the tribals for extraction of bee products from wild bees like Apis Dorsatsa since last ten years.We teach them ethical ways on extraction with emphasis on hygiene and quality control,collecting honey and other bee products of very high Medicinal value.These are also organic in nature and free from contaminants that a normal Melliferra hive is exposed to.

    Myself, Pushpendra S. Bhandari,owner of Wonder Organics, am a member of the National Bee Board Of India.I am providing standards and specifications for bee products other than honey to the Bee Board for introduction in the Indian market.

    I have also worked with Export Inspection Council of India.I have included other bee products besides honey in the list of EIC and given their international specifications.Without this the export was not possible. Earlier no other bee products besides honey were there in the Official list of Bee Products.

    I/Wonder Organics have also obtained the first ever Health/Veterinary certificate from India for bee products other than honey (Pollen ) to the EU.The first ever Phytosanitary for bee product like Pollen for export to Europe, from India was also obtained by us.This has opened a way for the beekeepers to produce and export value added products besides honey.

    I am also a member of Active Working Groups of Apimondias and member of scientific socities for Apitherapy in Europe.I am also known to the Apitherapists worldwide for some unique and quality bee products Wonder Organics exports and is a Pioneer.We have some very good reviews from the end users and the Apitherapists. The motto at Wonder Organics is best quality bee products produced,extracted and sourced,at par with the best in the world.We believe in quality not quantity, offering the world the best of Indian bee produce!!